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Resume Services

Have you ever been in the following situations or similar? 
  • I need to write a resume, but don’t know where to start I’ve been out of the job market for so long I feel I’m a little outdated. 
  • Before I’m laid off I need to start looking for another job, but don’t have the time to look for another job if I’m currently working.
Starting in the workforce or looking for another job is not an easy task.  Not a problem, we can assist you in your job hunt.  Prepare your resume, cover letter, and submit your resumes to various prospective employers based on your qualifications.

Which plan is a best fit for you?

Plan A  

Prepare resume and cover letter

Plan B  

Prepare resume and cover letter submit to 5 prospect employers

Plan C  

Prepare resume and cover letter submit to 10 prospect employers

Plan D  

Prepare resume and cover letter submit to 15 prospect employers

Plan E

Prepare resume and cover letter submit to 20 prospect employers

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Additional Services

Submission of a resume to a prospect employer, submission of a resume and cover letter to a prospect employer, thank you letters, follow up letters, and resume updates

How does it work? Submission will be by email, fax or job boards, we will provide proof of resume submissions. Resumes and/or cover letter submissions are based on your qualifications or you may request where to submit, but it must be in writing.

We do not guarantee employment. Our responsibility is to do the footwork for you not to find you employment/job/work.